Social Obsession!

So, as you may already know, our phones are our lives!!!! and I am quite guilty of that, I might add. There are days where I would just stare at my phone waiting for a text to come in or scroll through my Instagram feed, refresh my page, and then scroll my entire feed once again. Pathetic, I know! but I know I’m not the only one that has done that before… lol.

This piece, Social Obsession, says a lot about those who are consumed with technology. I created this work to illustrate how we focus so much on what’s going on in our group chats, Instagram, Twitter, etc. rather than paying attention to our surroundings. Don’t you just hate when you’re out with someone and you’re telling them a juicy story and all the person has to say is, “uh-huh, wow that’s crazy” while looking down at their phone? Yeah, I do too, lol. It’s a bad habit to be so phone crazy because you’re more than likely to isolate yourself from all the great possibilities that life has to offer. My advice to you; put your phone down and do an activity! Trust me, you’ll be better off having fun at a Painting & Wine class than staring at your feed waiting for your #MCM to post you as their #WCW.

Keep in mind that your phone isn’t going anywhere, your Twitter/ Instagram followers aren’t going anywhere, and I think your friends can wait a few more minutes for you to text them back. However, I can say that time is rolling & it’s not going to wait for your phone to die so that you can start living your life. So, take a break and go out & do something that you love or that you’ve never done before. And if you’re consistent, you’re allowed to take a selfie to capture the memory :)


“Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it”

Materials Used: Acrylic & canvas board


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Hey Hey now! Welcome to Katu's Art blog. I am a young and savvy woman focusing on my path to becoming a better visual artist. My mission is to encourage other artists to follow their dreams in art. Follow my Instagram @katuvisualz / @_melodic.hue and don't forget to like, comment, and follow my blog, Beyond The Kanvas! See you around! Be You. Be True. Be ART

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