My “Art Bash” Experience

So, as you may know, I was highly excited about showcasing my art pieces at the Grind Art Bash in Queens this past Saturday, but what I wasn’t quite excited about was my overall experience there. Being that, it was promoted as an art based affair, my assumption would be that it is primarily focused on the artists and their work. To my surprise, that wasn’t the case at all. Yes! there were a plethora of pieces displayed along the walls (really amazing work by the way!!) but, the art wasn’t the focal point at that event.

In my opinion, I felt as though, the artwork were decorations to fill up the white walls, while they had several open mic and music performances. As guests were leaning against the artwork and being that it was difficult to maneuver around the room to actually view all the pieces, in my opinion, I felt it was a bit unorganized; and more of a music function instead of an art affair. Don’t get me wrong! the performers were a great touch to liven up the place, but, the massive amount of attendees were so engaged with the music segment that, to me, they overlooked the amazing artwork that was presented at the time. Overall, I made the best out of my experience :-)


Artist: KatuΒ (Me & two pieces in the back)


My friends came out to support me and I was able to connect with other visual artists that were there. Would I ever do that event again? No, lol but, I do appreciate being a part of it and stepping out of my comfort zone. Now, I have a clear vision of the type of events I can see myself doing.


When you’re starting out in this art world, it’s best to be open to opportunities that come your way. You will never know what you like or don’t like unless you simply try it out. Allow every experience to be a lesson learned, continue to work on your craft, get out of your comfort zone, and most importantly have fun with it.

"View life as a continuous learning experience."


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