First Commissioned Piece

From my past post, you guys already know how I felt about doing commissioned work. If you haven’t read it yet, no worries!  you can click the title,  “Commission Suspicion”.  to catch up. Any who, I started out hiding away from that subject to slowly embracing it. When I accepted the offer to create a customized piece for a friend’s boyfriend, I was excited, yet, hella nervous. Those haunting thoughts circulated in my head again, “what if I make a mistake?” or , “what if they don’t like it?” After she told me what she wanted, I slapped myself back down to earth and started brainstorming. The more ideas that popped up, the more excited I became.

(This piece represents the owner’s hometown back in Congo, Africa.)

I don’t know what it is, but, when an idea rushes through my mind, I have this adrenaline that makes me just want to yell out, “YASS! MOTIVATION, COME THROUGH!!!” and I just begin to slay & work lol. I created something they both loved and appreciated. And, as my first commissioned piece, I was highly pleased with the outcome!

TIP: Every time you create something, whatever it may be, (designing, art, cooking, film, etc) YOU have to be passionate/excited about it because that energy exudes through your work and will have others feel that same energy as well. So, get PUMPED about what you do and remember to always be your own #1 fan.


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