‘Crowned’ – New Piece Alert

So guys! I’m excited to tell you all that I’ve worked on my biggest piece yet. A canvas size 36 x 48!!! I know, I know, what’s the big whoohaa about it, right? To some, that size may not be such a big deal, but for me, I was able to go beyond my comfort zone of small canvas sizes & really push myself to go the extreme.Β IMG_6511I worked on another commissioned piece for a friend of mine and he was very open-minded to the ideas I had for it. The only request he had was for me to incorporate the essence of a woman, well in his words, he stated ” I wanna see booty and breast, oh and lips too.” lol. Β That inspired me to do some research and a few sketches.
To help me along the way, I got inspired by one artist that I look up to, Brian Kirhagis aka BKtheArtist. He is highly known and respected for creating artwork that embodies the importance of self-love, social justice, women empowerment, and so much more. I wanted to re-create my own version of a BKtheArtist masterpiece without losing a sense of who I am as a painter.


To me, that’s where some artists who are beginning to come out their shell and jump into the art world, go wrong. Instead of being inspired by someone else’s work and creating their own unique style based offΒ of their vision, they tend to imitate what is known to be popular-based and then call it as their own. There’s nothing wrong with getting inspiration from an artwork you’ve seen. There’s also, no such thing as originality, we all get our ideas from something or someone, the difference is how you apply it to your vision and make it into something that has never been done before.


I am quite impressed with my painting and how I was able to complete this challenge, however, I must be honest with myself, in saying that, this isn’t something that I would create in my own collection of work. By that I mean, this piece was something I wanted to try out for fun, to see how far my talent can take me. I was able to see the potential I have to be a great artist, which encouraged me to continue working on my craft as my vision beautifully unfolds.

"Practically all great artists accept the influence of others. But... the artist with vision... by integrating what he has learned with his own experiences... molds something distinctly personal. " 
- Romare Bearden




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