Back At It Again with Another Art Gallery

I came across this flyer a few weeks back on “BKtheArtist” Instagram page and I know! I know!… I mention him quite often in a few of my posts, but I can’t help how much of an amazing artist he is lol. So, anywho! he was a part of a free curated art exhibition here in Brooklyn along with other incredible artists such as Ashish Patel, Fernando Leon and Deanna Maffeo, just to name a few. Although I wasn’t able to attend the opening reception where all the artist gathered around for a meet and greet, I was able to make an appearance and snap a few photos of some of the art on the last day of the exhibition.


Sadly, I cannot remember this artist name that is presented above, but, I was so amazed by how neat and detailed this painting was up close. It was created so vividly that you would think it was captured from a photograph. Although I never had the privilege of growing up with a game system, I did, however, love coming home after aΒ day at camp to watch the ‘Rugrats’ solve one of their great mysteries… Aw, how I miss the 90’s *tear*



I felt like a boss behind one of BKtheArtist, “Purple is for Royalty”, lol.

Live snippet of BKtheArtist “What Were We Even Fighting For?” piece


One of my favorites from him. Don’t you just love it!!


When you need to take a quick flick, real quick!


Artist: Ashish Patel


You know I had to add my guy Basquiat into the mix || Artist: Ashish Patel


This gallery had so many amazing artists showcasing their work. I was excited to experience the great talent that filled the room. I honestly can’t wait until I share my own gallery opening one day for all my friends, family, and supporters to see.

Q: What was the last art gallery you’ve been and how was your experience?Β 

And if you can’t think of one, maybe that’s a sign for you to check on out one this weekend! Grab a friend, make space in your camera roll, and step into the world of ART!


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