Cope Courage

Everyone goes through that feeling of being depressed, alone, not financially stable, etc, that we tend to turn to a coping mechanism to help ‘fix’ those issues. Some people may use shopping as their escape, food, cleaning, exercise, over-working; just about anything that will make you forget for that time being.  I, personally have noticed that when I’m not feeling quite like myself,  I tend to make a few drinks while adding some mellow music in the background. We all do it, we have our own way of battling our pain. We do it so much that we fail to realize how damaging it is for us in the long run.  Our escape is nothing but a temporary fix until we are brought back to reality and have to confront that matter at hand. You see, the drug never fulfills that emptiness we have inside us, it only covers up our scars, leaving our wounds to worsen. This piece is a reflection of how we tend to use a fix as an escape to the problems we don’t want to face head on.


The human heart is so powerful.  It absorbs all things that matter to us most. We feel an abundance of emotions based on the experiences we go through every day. Each bullet used in this piece, (i.e, Love, Money, Friends, Family, & Life) symbolizes the things that hit us the hardest. I created a representation of how we cope with those situations.

Liquid courage, I believe to be the main go-to for those who want to forget their misery. Yeah, it’s great for a weekend turn up with your girls, when you want to build the courage to catch the eye of that sexy guy standing by the bar. But, using it for unethical purposes only deepens the sorrow you have wallowing inside.

My advice to you: Let Go! and confront your issues head on. Forgive and forget, learn from it, and move forward. You’ll be 10x better when you express how you feel to those that matter. For situations you can’t control, you must “accept what it is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” Trust that things will get better! That will motivate you to apply yourself into a better space. Finding your bliss will help you stay busy and focused on the positive.

My bliss is art! That is what keeps me going, what’s keeps me busy, what keeps me sane. Without it, I’ll probably be on my fourth glass on wine right about now, lol.


“Remember when you forgive, you heal. And when you let go, you grow.”

Materials used: 36" x 36" canvas board, acrylic paints, and gesso spray can.


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