Pancakes & Booze Art show

Thursday, April 28th was one of the dopest art shows in NYC & I, so happen to be a part of it.  For starters, I know I’m a bit late with the update, being that it’s almost the end of May lol, but I had a lot going on, so I do apologize. So, on that note, let me go ahead and share my Pancakes & Booze NYC art show experience with you!


The day of Pancakes of Booze NYC was a bit hectic for me and I say that only because it was on a Thursday :-/ and I work during the week. The thing about exhibiting your work at an art show is that you have to give yourself time to get there and choose a great spot to hang up your pieces. Being that I traveled on my lunch break, I only had limited time and minimal space of where I wanted my pieces to be shown. Key Fact: It’s always important to get there early because most times, you’re not aware of how many people are already presenting their pieces nor aware of the size of their work, so in my opinion, earlier is always better. 



As the night went on, the spaced filled with art and beautiful people. The music was right! and the drinks were flowing. I had my friends by my side to support me and my artwork hanging up for all to see. I felt like a proud mother seeing her baby graduate for the first time, lol.

(My really good friend always supports me)
(Artist on the right (didn’t get he name) had her muse entertaining guests at the gallery. I had to snap a photo)
IMG_7443 2
(My best friend came out to support)

It was a special moment for me and It didn’t sync in until I got there. I think it was because I finally felt myself stepping out of my comfort zone and you guys…it was an AMAZING FEELING!. It felt so good to know that I’m amongst other incredible artists who are promoting themselves positively and aren’t afraid to shine. It honestly touched me more because I always knew I wanted to be a part of that element and for me to get a little taste of it by showing my work, personally, makes me very proud.


(Above are the 3 pieces I displayed at the show. Look out for my post that will focus specifically on these special pieces that I’ve created.)

(My beautiful friend came out to support)
(Not sure of the artist name but I fell in LOVE when I saw this. Amazing!)
(My darling came out to support me as well)

The event took place at Space Ibiza on W 50th street and to my knowledge they have this art show twice a year. I was pleased with this event that I’ve decided to participate in their second show, which is being held around Nov/Oct. So, if you weren’t able to attend it this time around, you have a second chance to come out and support all the artists.


“If You Didn’t Try, then, You’ve Already Failed” 

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