Pieces of Me

When it comes to art I love a good story behind it. I like to get deep into the artist mind of how their pieces came about, what inspired their creativity, and why they chose to go that particular route. I use that within my own line of work because I, too, want people to dive into my imagination and get an understanding of my story. These pieces below are just the beginning…


(Troubled Boy, 12 x 12, Mixed Media)

Ever had a moment when you weren’t feeling like your normal self? Like, you had to pretend to be happy in front of others, when really all you wanted to do was curl up in a bubble and cry? Troubled Boy, is the beginning of the sad and lonely. There was a time when I felt as if I had no one in my corner to talk to, friends that wouldn’t accept me for me, and confused as to where my future was heading.  All these thoughts lingering in my mind caused me to overthink and reflect more so, on the negative than the positive.


(Internal Bleeding, 12 x 12, Mixed Media)

That negativity absorbed so much of my time that it drove me to either isolate myself or act out in a melancholy manner, while being in the company of others at any given moment. This piece, Internal Bleeding, is a depiction of how easy it was for me to sink down into uncertainty. Bitterness and moodiness became too common in my reactions. Fortunately, all bad things don’t last very long, especially when you busy yourself with something that you love. That was one of the things I was lacking, or at least, I thought I was until I finally decided to break free from everything that was holding me back.


(The Resurrection of Kid SOLR, 12×12, Mixed Media)

My love for art grew, as the love for myself grew even bigger. This piece, Resurrection of Kid SOLR, illustrates my rebirth, understanding my past and learning from it for the future.  I chose two of my favorite artists, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Frida Kahlo, because their story heavily impacts mine, in a way that propels me to vividly embrace who I am as an artist. Basquiat, known for his crown that symbolizes his ambition, relinquishes his crown down to me. Kahlo, paints her soul onto every canvas, and now bestowed her paintbrush onto me. They’ve given me the power to create and tell my story. From one creative to the next, I am here to build a lifetime supply of color in my life.


If you are ever feeling lost and alone, never isolate yourself from the ones who truly love and care for you. Never dwell on the past or stress over something you have no control of. My advice to you is to always love yourself first and believe that you’re more than capable to make any dream possible. Have faith, strive for positivity, and never ever allow anyone to rain on your parade.

-BeYou.BeTrue.Be ART

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Hey Hey now! Welcome to Katu's Art blog. I am a young and savvy woman focusing on my path to becoming a better visual artist. My mission is to encourage other artists to follow their dreams in art. Follow my Instagram @katuvisualz / @_melodic.hue and don't forget to like, comment, and follow my blog, Beyond The Kanvas! See you around! Be You. Be True. Be ART

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