‘I Gave Them Color’ Solo Exhibition

Lately, I’ve been thinking that it’s been a while since I attended a solo exhibition or any exhibition for that matter. Suddenly! while I was scrolling on Instagram of course, lol, one appeared right before my pretty brown eyes. International Artist Flore, held his solo exhibition at the Eden Fine Arts gallery in Soho, NY.

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His work is extremely vivid and bold that you honestly cannot keep your eyes off of it. His paintings are literally the type of paintings you have to look at for about 5 to 10 minutes to see everything that is illustrated on canvas, lol.  His exhibition is by far a walk-in funhouse, all these crazy colors, spray paint, shapes, and eye-catching phrases makes me feel like the Animaniacs and Looney Tunes had a baby and I was front row in the delivery room, lol.


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I had the pleasure of meeting Flore, (and might I add, he is such a cool and down to earth individual) and if you had read my recent post, Pieces Of Me, you’ll know that I love a good story. So I was able to chat a bit with the artist to really see where his mindset was during that process.


(International artist, Flore and I )

Flore is an artist that paints 7 days a week! I know! I’m not even up there yet, I’m not even going to lie to you, lol, but I am aware that working on what you love daily helps generate new and innovative ideas that will be beneficial in the long run. He’s given me supportive advice to becoming a better artist that I will definitely take with me to every venture I stumble upon.

IMG_8541 2

(Flore and I)

The few things that stuck out to me was his advice on comfortability. He states, ” If you’re comfortable with acrylic, it’s time to work on oils…It’s best to try out a variation of mediums to see what it is that allows you to think differently.”  I soaked that particular information up like a sponge because I know that I have to not only use acrylic but practice every other medium that I have access to learning in order to improve my craft.



As clichè as it may sound, the key to being successful in art is to practice literally every day. Carrying a sketchbook everywhere you go, taking pictures of what inspires you, and writing down ideas to reflect on later in the day, will help to refresh the mind and lock in innovative ways to maintain a vivid imagination.


My Best friend and I couldn’t resist getting on the action as well.


My advice to you: Do what you love because the more you love it, the more people will fall in love with it as well. Forget about the “likes”, the followers and just CREATE! Do it with so much passion that eventually the right people will want to know more and will unquestionably appreciate you more for the passion you have for art than the art itself.

-BeYou.BeTrue.Be ART.

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