“Misadventures of the Heart” Pop Up Art Gallery!

I attended an art gallery and pop up shop by the wonderful and beautiful Sue Tsai, here in NYC. I walked into a room filled with bold and edgy art works that captured the essence of an Asian fusion culture mixed with the “misadventures of the heart” lol. Β She never disappoints when it comes to her pieces and the concepts behind them. One thing I was super impressed about was how neat and clean her painting strokes were, my god! lol, I was all up in her canvas trying to figure out the magic. Everything was super crisp and detailed that you couldn’t tell where she started and finished.

FullSizeRender-36FullSizeRender-29(Rooted In Love: 48 x 60, Acrylic on Canvas)

FullSizeRender-34 2(Missed Target: 60 x 60, Acrylic on canvas)

I would encourage all who’s in NYC to visit the gallery and see the amazing art.


FullSizeRender-38(The artist, Sue Tsai & I)

FullSizeRender-30(Tunnel Vision, 48 x 48, Acrylic on canvas)

TheΒ many great things about visiting the gallery are the cool merchandise for sale, (iphone cases, canvas prints, buttons, stickers, etc), her 10 massive art collection, and a meet and greet with the talented artist herself. Pop-Up shop lasts until Sunday, August 28th 11a-7pm, located at 208 Bowery st, New York, NY.

FullSizeRender-41(Kiwano, 48 x 60, Acrylic on canvas)

I made my first purchase and got me a sweet “Kiwano” iPhone case! What will you be getting!?

*All paintings displayed in this post is created by the amazing and talented, Sue Tsai*

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2 thoughts on ““Misadventures of the Heart” Pop Up Art Gallery!

  1. Are all the art pics you’re posting things you’ve done, for instance did you paint Rooted In Love? Or did another artist? It would be nice if it was another artist, to have also posted the artist’s name.


    1. Lol my guess is you didn’t read the post. The artist name is mentioned multiple times and I even posted a picture with her, which is Sue Tsai. “Misadventures of the Heart” post is talking about visiting her gallery so all the artworks on that page are of her art. I never take credit for other artists work. When it’s my work, it’s mentioned & when it’s another artists work their name is definitely mentioned :-) @robyn


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