Gift of August

Remember when I had that fear of trying new things? Where I would make excuses about why I didn’t want to start a project?  Yeaahhhh, so being that I’m on this journey of taking chances with my artwork, I think you guys would be kind of proud of me with this new piece I created. Especially, because I definitely did my thug-thizzle on it.

img_0507I painted a piece for my sister’s friend, (who I consider to be a sister figure to me) for her birthday. Being that she had her first child, August, a year ago and she recently turned 30, or in her case, 25, (she’s going to kill me for that, lol), I wanted to make a painting that she can connect with emotionally. So, what better way than to design a painting of her baby girl.img_9997Starting this piece was challenging for me, I will say, but I had to constantly keep in mind that I have the skills to achieve it. I literally told myself, “Katu, girl! You got this! Just paint with confidence and push through!” lol. Seriously! you have to talk to yourself and speak positively about your sh*t!! Because if you don’t believe in you, trust and believe when I say, No one else will.
img_0408So, I did just that. The more and more I blended colors and had Frank Ocean’s Blonde album on repeat, the more and more the portrait began to favor her baby girl. I say that because, I honestly created without any expectation. I know I am not the most professional portrait painter, so I dived in with the idea of just doing my ultimate best because when you try to be perfect that is when your creativity is blocked.img_0029

I had fun with this piece and I was really proud of myself. To top it off her reaction confirmed that I do have a purpose here, which is to create and make art.

So, to my readers, I challenge you! If there is something that you are nervous to start with your artwork, whether its oil painting or sketching hands, whatever it may be. Take a day and commit to that one task. Don't half-ass it, but at the same time don't worry about it being perfect. What's important is that its completed!! Remember, the world wants and needs artists who finish things, so, with that being said...LET'S MAKE ART!

-BeYou. BeTrue. Be ART

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Hey Hey now! Welcome to Katu's Art blog. I am a young and savvy woman focusing on my path to becoming a better visual artist. My mission is to encourage other artists to follow their dreams in art. Follow my Instagram @katuvisualz / @_melodic.hue and don't forget to like, comment, and follow my blog, Beyond The Kanvas! See you around! Be You. Be True. Be ART

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