Because…’I AM ART’

Don’t you just hate when you find information at the last minute about something that you would have totally been interested in? Whether it’s a sale at your favorite clothing store, a meet & greet with your favorite author, or how about, in my case, an art show that featured so many amazing artists, that I would’ve TOTALLY wanted to participate in… *heavy breathing – Woosah Katu, woosah!* Okay, I’m back.


img_1112(Artist: doing a live piece)

img_1110(Artist: @uncuttart, ‘Young MJ’)

However, I did manage to attend the event because I definitely wasn’t going to pass up on that moment. ‘I AMART NYC’  was a two-day event that featured over 30 incredibly well-known visual artists here, in Brooklyn. From the best chef’s in NYC to the hippest cool cats composing a smooth R&B sound for all to hear, this event was the epitome of a good time.

img_1106(Burgers were superb! My apologies for not getting their name :-/)

img_1114(None other than Artist: @BKTHEARTIST displaying his work)

img_1115(Representing ‘Brooklyn’ to the fullest. Artist: Savior Elmundo did his thing)

 (Artist: Jeremy Wolff, ‘Hilary vs. Donald – BasquiatWarhol Remix)

What I enjoyed most about this event is their ‘Youth Artisan Program’ for young children, grades K-8. This program shares their artwork for all to celebrate their artistic vision. I’m a sucker for children that enjoys doing what they love, so exploring their pieces at the event, made me appreciate art even more.

img_1107(Art by the wonderful and creative children of the ‘Youth Artisan Program’)

img_1109(Artist: Ronald Draper)

(Another artist at work)

Although, I missed the opportunity to submit my work and possibly get the chances to participating in this event, I surprisingly gained something much more, in other ways. When I stepped into that exhibition, I no longer felt like that shy girl who was afraid to showcase her work, or engage conversation with other artists. I truly felt like I belonged there and although I wasn’t one of the artists to partake at the event, I believed that one day, I will be featured and that to me was the most magical part of my experience.

img_0967(Met this amazing artist: Derek/ @mrdt201, and we had a great conversation about art)

(Artist: Derek/@mrdt201)

All this time,  I was beating myself up because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Being a 20 something year old, I felt like I was too old to just jump into anything. I was fixed on getting things right & perfect, when actually that is the most damaging thing to do to yourself, because nothing will ever be perfect.  I knew I wanted to do art but wasn’t sure what type of art and honestly, I still don’t know, lol, but I slowly began to realize that it was okay to be in the unknown, because when you are, you’re more open to exploring all the ‘what ifs’. I’m not going to get everything right the first time around, hell, neither will I get it right the 10th time around. But what I do know is that I will continue to try and create work.

(Artist: Jeremy Wolff/@jwolffstudios, “High Stakes Poker”)

img_1108(Artist: Ronald Draper/@ronalddraper_art)

img_1118(Me and the artist Ronald Draper, met him at another gallery and we’ve been cool ever since)

So, if you happen to miss out on something that you’re passionate about or you didn’t get that job that you dreamed of getting, don’t beat yourself up. Just think of it as… it wasn’t my time. Continue to apply yourself, work on your skills, and just try again. Know that when you fail, you’re just improving yourself even more.

img_0875(Crown sculpted by Artist: Kristine Mays)

“Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” – R.T.K.

-BeYou. BeTrue. Be ART

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