Cocktails with Claire x Ty Hunter – Holiday Edition

The end of the year is soon approaching and what better way to celebrate than with a fun-filled event of food, music, celebrities, and overall CHIC-ness! Fashion editor and blogger, Brand Ambassador, Public speaker and now Author, Claire Sulmers has done it again! Cocktails with Claire x Ty HunterHoliday Edition was a major success.fullsizerender-8So many beautiful people were all in one room ready to mingle, shop, and hopefully be featured on her blog as one of the top fashion bombers of the evening.


img_2403(Me and Celebrity stylist Ty Hunter)

fullsizerenderThis time around was a little different, instead of having a two-part special with a panel of guest speakers, and a shop + sip at the end, Claire decided to start the shindig with a cocktail party of amazing catering, black owned fashion and skin care vendors, and celebrity guests like Teyana Taylor and Justine Skye. She then ended the celebration with an intimate dinner with herself along with the celebrity guests that were in attendance. I, unfortunately, was unable to attend the dinner due to it being sold out in minutes. *insert sad face*


fullsizerender-4(My friend Danielle finally met with Teyana Taylor)

fullsizerender-2(Claire Sulmers, Justine Skye, and Ty Hunter taking a selfie!)


I did, however, enjoy the few hours I was able to spend there. From networking with bloggers in fashion and art, learning about the start-up of these black owned business, to purchasing her very first book, ‘The Bomb Life” all created a memorable experience for me.



I admire Claire Sulmers for noticing that there was an absence of African American stories/features in fashion that she decided to take that step as a blogger and feature the upbringings of African Americans within the fashion industry. The risk she took led her to being an author of her first published book, a fashion guru, entrepreneur, celebrity go-to, and just overall BOMBSHELL!!!. She gives us all the motivation to step outside our comfort zone and follow our dreams and I applaud her for all her accomplishments thus far.


Until next time Claire! and as long as I keep pushing, I know I’ll be right with you at the top!

"You have to be able to risk your identity for a bigger future than the present you are living"– F.F

-BeYou.BeTrue. Be ART

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