I remember back in the late 90s, when my mom told my sister and I that we finally got cable. I rushed home from day camp, threw my bags on the floor, and grabbed the remote to find the Nickelodeon channel. Nothing else mattered to me more than to watch every single show Nickelodeon had to offer and my mom had to literally drag me from the TV screen just for me to get into bed, lol. I became a Rugrats fan, Hey Arnold, Catdog, All that, Cousin Skeeter, Doug fan, (and many more) all at once. I loved cartoons so much that I drove my sister crazy. Like any other kid, being a fan of cartoons is what basically started my love for drawing. I started drawing cartoon characters for fun, because during that time I didn’t like to read books. I had more of an understanding and interests for pictures and how they told a story without using words.

Fast forward to today and I still manage to have a love for cartoons, whether it’s an old show, a movie, or even a cool toy; illustration and animation will always give me some sort of life fulfillment. Even with the work I create today, I’ve been known to have a style that resembles a form of animation. Β With that being said, I had an idea to create my own cartoon character! I wanted it to be a representation of me; reflecting my thoughts and passions, yet personifies the bravery of a maverick!I love everything about him, because he is everything I want to be and more. He says what’s on his mind, does what he wants, and doesn’t allow anyone to stop him from getting to his final destination of becoming a well-known artist. He moved away from his planet to follow his dreams here on Earth. Now being an outcast in this new world, you would think he is scared shitless. Believe it or not, he doesn’t endorse that type of energy because he recognizes this opportunity as a one and a lifetime chance to design the life he has always wanted. He’ll have some friends along for the ride and a warm cup of courage to get him through the day, lol.I have so many ideas for this character and can’t wait to exhibit him for my first upcoming solo art show late this year. I won’t reveal his name just yet but stay tuned for more exciting pieces of his journey as an artist and soon you shall see!

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."

-BeYou. BeTrue. Be ART


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Hey Hey now! Welcome to Katu's Art blog. I am a young and savvy woman focusing on my path to becoming a better visual artist. My mission is to encourage other artists to follow their dreams in art. Follow my Instagram @katuvisualz / @_melodic.hue and don't forget to like, comment, and follow my blog, Beyond The Kanvas! See you around! Be You. Be True. Be ART

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