LIVE ART with Vashti Harrison

Social media has a way of connecting everyone to everything with just a click of a hashtag or retweet. It’s actually a great tool to ‘be in the know’ about all of your favorite people. As an artist, I enjoy following other artists; graphic designers, illustrators, painters, you name it! It provides me access to learning new techniques, what products to purchase, latest art news and events, and so much more.

Yesterday, I happen to be casually cree..*excuse me* scrolling through my feed to then see a post about a live art show at the Apple store in Soho, NYC. I jumped at the chance to not only meet a great illustrator, but to learn as many skills on the iPad pro as I possibly can from her (which I also need to get by the way, just in case anyone wants to surprise me with a gift).

Artist: Vashti Harrison

Illustrator, author, and filmmaker Vashti Harrison was such an inspiration. She used the Procreate app on her iPad Pro to showcase and create a step-by step- tutorial on how she transforms an every day item or feature into a female animated character of color. The way she plays with texture, color, and lighting gives the image a magical quality that you would similarly see in a Disney film. Her illustrations are breathtaking and yet realistic in such a modern way.

Vashti has definitely encouraged me to keep moving forward with my art, even when I don’t know exactly what I want to do with it. While listening to her speak, one of my take aways from her was to “learn as much as you can.” Being a professional artist can be a difficult career path to pursue, however, in order to gain something from it, one should learn all that interests them in that field, especially when you’re indecisive of what to do. The more skills you learn and master, the more opportunities you have to showcase your creativity.

Vashti Harrison, if you ever end up reading this, Thank you for your courage and talents. I appreciate you sharing your technique with us and hope to one day work with you on illustrating children’s books in the near future.

Follow her on Instagram for more amazing artwork and updates! –> @VASHTIHARRISON

Artist Vashti Harrison and I

-BeYou. Be True. Be ART 

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